The double-sided design features tinted ‘smoke’ plastic lids that not only

makes the contents easy to identify, but also protects them from UV light,

reducing fade and damage.

Unlike any other on the market, it also features an innovative built-in measuring tool

that will ensure all rigs are exactly the same size.

Features solid pins instead of slotted foam.

This revision of an already popular product means it’s now not only perfect for

shorter pole styles but is also ideal for feeder & bomb fishing.

Also featuring removable rubber grommets that cover unused internal pins,

for use when storing longer styles and to protect them from kinking.

Sizes from two inches to 36 inches can be stored at the same time.


Two compartments for maximum storage

Clear UV resistant lids to protect contents

Will store hook lengths ranging from two inches up to three feet in length

Can retain up to 80 different sizes of hook / hook lengths strengths

Can accommodate up to 1200 hook lengths

Unique in-built measuring tool to ensure all your hook lengths are the same lengths

Slotted foam to hold your hook lengths in place and ensure they are not damaged

White inner plate that is ball point/marker pen friendly

Enlarged base ends which are perfectly suited to hair rigs and ready ties pellet bands.



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