MAP H-30 Lite


The H30 Lite seat box


Has all the design and quality features of the Z30 box

but features an 'H Frame' design and independent sliding footplate.

This makes the box very light and ideal for the more mobile angler

or someone who doesn't carry too much gear.

Featuring a deep and a shallow cross drawer extra units can be added

and the height to footplate adjusted accordingly.

Leg hand wheels which rotate through 180 degrees for more

compact transporting and ease of use.

Draws which do not jam when you sit on the box, these also

feature seals to prevent water ingress.


*Solid clip system for fixing units.

*Winder kits available for trays.

*Comfortable seat.

*Full range of extra trays and units available.

*QRS accessories available which all feature Quick release

system and 180 degree hand wheel for perfect positioning.



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Website: Tambien
Version: 1.55